Recent Activities of CWTX – to be posted to the CWTX website and distributed to interested parties

The Memorandum of Understanding between SCWE (represented by Nankai University) and National Research Council (NRC) of Canada was signed on Oct 30, 2018. SCWE has become the official partner for NRC in China.

SCWE is now eligible to apply for joint research projects between China and Canada (funded by NRC and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology)

NRC has an agreement with China Scholarship Council (CSC). SCWE can now use this to send Chinese Master/PhD/Post Doc to Canada to work with NRC with funding supported by CSC. The application only needs to be reviewed internally by NRC and CSC, with no need to go to a national competition. If a member professor of CWTX is working with a researcher in NRC, he/she may be able to use this opportunity to hire more Chinese students to work in Canada.

CanadaWTX Inc. just signed an agreement with China Resource Capital to establish a platform company in Tianjin, China, to facilitate technology transfer. China Resources Capital will invest in money to run the platform company.

China Resources Group (CRG) has assets around 1.3 trillion Chinese Yuan. It is mainly with a focus on manufacturing. CRG has huge market for environmental technologies.

If there is a technology ready to commercialize, after the technology due diligence, China Resources Capital will invest in the technology

With the funding supported by CRG capital, CanadaWTX Inc. is now in the process of setting up a Tianjin Company (this is in progress now). Once it is set up, the CanadaWTX Tianjin Company from the outset will a Canadian Post-Docs to work in China. It means that a member professor can hire a post-doc, and CanadaWTX Inc. Tianjin will pay the salary for the Post Doc to work in China (with funding support by MITACS). This is an opportunity for member professor of CWTX to have more people to work with.